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Español, Lengua Global is an online training platform founded by specialists in e-learning teaching.

We offer online Spanish courses, created by Spanish teaching professionals and tutored by experienced and qualified teachers.

Our guarantee is professionalism, experience and quality.

Online Spanish courses

Complete and combine your learning with an online course.

Keep learning and practicing at your own pace and from anywhere.

Choose your Itineraty. All of them include video classes: two free per month:

All levels

  • Do you need to learn Spanish to travel or live in a Spanish-speaking country? Get ready in a comfortable and safe way. An online course offers you a basis to make your subsequent learning faster.
  • Are you attending Spanish classes already, but you would like to strengthen your skills? You can combine your face-to-face learning with an online learning. You will see your results improving without much effort.
  • Have you taken a Spanish immersion course, but you would like to continue progressing? Keep learning and practicing at your own pace and from anywhere.

You can enter all levels and choose the lessons you would want to do based on the topics and contents. You will find three lessons on each level. A new lesson every month. (20 euros/month). Start whenever you want

DELE exams
  • Do you need to prove your level with a DELE exam?
  • Do you want to practice the different tests of the exams?

DELE exams for your level. (30 euros/mes)

Ask for starting dates.

Grammar courses All levels» src=»https://spanishteacherjavierleal.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/gramatica.png» alt=»» width=»80″ height=»80″ />

  • Would you like to improve your grammar?

Grammar courses by level: A1 / A2, B1 / B2, C1 / C2. 60 euros / course. Unlimited access time to the course. Ask for starting dates.

Ask for starting dates.

Choose your itinerary and suscribe

Contact us: info@espanol-lenguaglobal.com

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